REPORT: Preliminary meeting on EU anti-corruption strategy

The EU anti-corruption challenge

There is no commonly agreed definition of corruption. In broad terms it means the mis-use of bestowed power or position to acquire personal gain. Different forms of corruption include political corruption, mismanagement of public funds, fraud, bribery, embezzlement, activities committed by organised criminal groups as well as small-scale petty corruption. Yet, in spite of the absence of a definition everybody seems to know what corruption is and how bad it is for society.

In this paper, CEIPA reviews the European Commission’s EU Anti-Corruption report, issued in 2014 to stimulate “a discussion on how to assist the anti-corruption action and identifying ways in which the EU dimension can help”. The report, the first of its kind, shall serve as a basis for a major international event CEIPA is to organise in 2016.


Round Table ‘New EU Agenda on Migration': Change of Venue

Due to the wide interest and many registrations we were compelled to change the venue in order to accommodate all participants. The Round Table will take place at:

Instituto Cervantes / Spanish Cultural Institute
Avenue de Tervuren 64
1040 Brussels

The Cervantes Institute is located between the subway stations of Merode and Montgomery.

Round Table ‘New EU Agenda on Migration’

CEIPA’s Round Table on the new EU Agenda on Migration, to be held on Tuesday, June 30th, will be an open forum for opinion leaders, experts, academics and civil society to discuss and re-think, in light of the complexity of the new EU strategic approach adopted by the European Commission, the paradigms of short-term responses versus long-term strategies in migration management.

We will talk about coherent EU-wide approaches towards short-term life-saving operations at sea, long-term policies on international protection and the principle of solidarity amongst Member States, as well as ways to maximize the benefits of labor migration, and boost the fight against smuggling and trafficking in human beings.

CEIPA will bring to the table views and proposals by leading European and international experts, including the blueprint for the establishment of a European Agency for Resettlement and Migration Management.

For inquiries about registration, please send an email to communicating your name, title and email address.