CEIPA provides EU governments, policy-makers, legislators, the public and private sectors, civil society (including NGOs, academics, students and researchers), the media and regional and international institutions with a joint platform to pursue the goal of European integration. It plans, organises and runs several events a year. CEIPA seeks to address issues important to the European Union as well as those of global concern. It concentrates on what can be done to correct shortcomings and fill policy gaps in areas like:

  • Migration, human trafficking and demographics
  • Human rights and minority rights
  • Foreign and security policy
  • Internal and regional security
  • Cross-border cooperation and development
  • Employment and social development
  • Gender equality
  • Climate, energy and the environment
  • Financial stability and economic growth
  • Research, science and technology
  • Education and culture
  • Public health and consumer protection

CEIPA’s aim is to contribute towards more balanced and participative decision-making in Europe, involving all relevant stakeholders and interested parties on each issue. Popular consent for EU policies depends on more transparent and simplified decision-making procedures based on a common understanding of visions and values.