Founded in 2011, the Centre for European and International Policy Action (CEIPA) is an independent think-tank committed to promoting public debate on major European and international policy issues, Central to CEIPA’s work is the belief that providing a platform for informed debate, the exchange of ideas and the search for common ground between EU policy-makers on one side, and non-state actors and European citizens on the other, is vital to obtain the necessary broad support to underpin EU democratic governance and cohesion. Complexity and interdependence are the main features of modern societies around the world. Europe is no exception.

It too must foster unbiased dialogue, beyond narrow national goals, party lines, dogmatism or vested interests. The perception that EU member states and institutions are imposing policies from the top down is robbing the process of European integration of its legitimacy in the eyes of many. Access to information is a human right. The CEIPA platform and activities keep citizens abreast of developments on key policies and provide contacts to the European Institutions and civil society organisations.

This is why CEIPA promotes public events including conferences, seminars, round-tables and working groups on big political, social or economic issues of the day.

No topic of legitimate public concern, however uncomfortable, is off-limits. CEIPA currently focuses on three priorities – migration, climate-change and cross-border crime and terrorism. These are all issues of the day. Participation in any and all of CEIPA’s activities is free of charge.

CEIPA events bring together stakeholders and civil society representatives from across the EU and beyond. They seek to increase transparency and access to information as well as to raise public awareness, understanding, participation and commitment. These events can lead to the identification of common ground and elements of consensus-building.

Each CEIPA event report addresses recommendations to policy-makers and stakeholders for further action on the issues concerned. In addition, CEIPA draws on its knowledge and expertise as well as on its acquired experience to make specific proposals of its own to EU policy-makers. In a recent initiative, CEIPA submitted a proposal to the European Commission in May 2015 for the creation of a European Agency for Resettlement and Migration Management.