Round table: “Who’s in the driver’s seat? The EU migration crises between hotspots, quotas and border management”

CEIPA has announced its next Round Table

“Who’s in the driver’s seat? The EU migration crises between hotspots, quotas and border management”

on February 23, 2016,

from 2.00 to 5.30pm

at the Instituto Cervantes,

Avenue de Tervuren 64,

1040 Brussels.

The mass immigration and the continuing influx of refugees, asylum seekers and labour migrants has challenged and compromised the ability of governments and the European institutions to manage the crisis on the short and longer run.  All the EU meetings and summits held to date have done little to bring about coherence and solidarity. On the contrary, today Europe finds itself bitterly divided over how to stem the flows and handle the newcomers. The migration pressure has put to the test the EU migration management mechanisms, the Common European Asylum System and the Schengen Agreement to their ultimate limit.  Despite the humanitarian efforts put in place by the civil society, the UN and other international organisations, and despite the political efforts to address the root causes of migration in countries such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, the exodus continues in the backdrop of the lack of a fully functioning EU migration policy and a EU border management system.

The CEIPA round table will offer an opportunity for open discussions and exchange of views on the following themes:

  • Hotspots, reception centres, in-shore and off-shore processing;
  • Resettlement mechanisms, quotas and burden-sharing;
  • Humanitarian corridors, protection zones, protection of external borders, and enhanced surveillance.

The round table will be held in English. Attendance is free of charge. To register, please fill out our online form.

The agenda and other documentation will be circulated in due course. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at