The Interface of Migration, Human Trafficking and Slavery ; Round Table Vienna Sept 20, 2017

In partnership and cooperation with the ‚Regional Implementation Initiative on Preventing & Combating Human Trafficking‘* CEIPA will further discuss problems and develop possible creative solutions of migration management within and beyond the EU as well as its implications for (anti-) human trafficking at the ‚International Expert Round Table on 29 September 2017 in Vienna (House of the European Union) under the title: ‚The Interface of Migration, Human Trafficking and Slavery‘.

Renowned experts, practitioners and researchers will analyze and discuss with government ministers, national and EU parliamentarians decision-makers and stakeholders how traffickers and smugglers use the current migration/refugee crisis to force people into various forms of exploitation and how these criminals benefit from restrictive migration policies; whether the worldwide fight against this crime and violation of human rights is in danger of turning into inefficient pottering due to tight migration policies and weak protection schemes, and why the EU will have to achieve a better balance of inclusion and exclusion in its fight against (irregular) migration. More information available under: